What Your Body Language In Pictures Is Saying

We’ve all looked at a picture before and seen one of the people leaning into the other like they absolutely adore them. Body language says so much in pictures and in person. Knowing what little signs to look for can tell you a lot of different things that might be going on subconsciously. We’re not saying that this will be true for everyone but this might provide a little bit of insight both for your own body language towards others and how they interact with you.


If you look at a group photo and one person is staring off into the distance rather than at the camera like everyone else it implies that their attention is not on whatever the group is discussing. Usually, their body will be tilted away from everyone else’s and their arms will be loose by their sides. This just means that they are fairly calm but not focused on the people around them but on some far off though.

What Your Body Language In Pictures Is Saying


Some people stand nice and tall and this can be due to good posture but it is also because they are engaged with their surroundings. In a photo, they will probably have tiredness about them or a facial expression that is blank. Their body language will be kind of droopy and instead of looking away in concentration they may just be staring at the ground or looking discontent with whatever setting they are in.

Not Open

When you stare at a picture of someone who is open, they usually have a big smile or a laugh on their face. They look like you can tell them anything, as their arms hang by their sides and they grin encouragingly. When someone is not open they tend to cross their arms, their legs, or their ankles which implies that they are very contained. They do not invite people to come and talk to them with this body language.

What Your Body Language In Pictures Is Saying


This is a big one when you like someone it definitely shows in photos and we don’t mean by whether or not you are snuggling or holding hands. No, your feet, shoulders, and any other part of your body will be angled towards the person you are ‘in like’ with. In fact, you may even begin to unconsciously copy the mannerisms of the person you like which means if you are standing next to each other in a photo you may mirror each other in body language.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the body language of yourself and your friends and you may just pick up a few things about how they are feeling.