An Escape To Estonia

Eastern Europe is still relatively untouched when it comes to tourism and the Baltic country of Estonia is no exception. The capital city, Tallinn has may a site to see and the adorable little hotels that dot it can make for an excellent weekend getaway or stopover on your way to another Eastern European country. These are just a few of the things you should see and do while you take some time for yourself in Tallinn.

An Escape To Estonia

What To Do

Tallinn is a real mix of old and new. As you wander around Old Town you will feel like you have walked back into the medieval era as the buildings are all old stone, the roads are cobbled and some of the market stalls even appear to be selling some goods from yesteryears. There are a few sites you simply have to check out though. St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a marvel with the famous onion topped domes and vivid colors. Kadriorg Art Museum houses some of the finest works in the region with gardens to match that you can wander around. The palace it is set in is actually Baroque in style. There is gilt everywhere which will make you feel like a prince or princess as you wander around its hallowed halls.

The Nightlife

The city proper is known for having a pretty vibrant nightlife after you have been out wandering around its ancient walls. Depeche Mode Baar is always a busy one. You can play all sorts of arcade games as well as sampling some fine cocktails. If you want something a tad more casual than head to Levist Valjas.

Where To Stay

There are a variety of hotels and hostels to choose from but if you want to have a luxury stay then the Three Sister Boutique Hotel will offer you the kind of place that makes you feel like you are at the medieval inn. Each room has been pleasantly furnished with modern amenities but with a throwback to times past. The dining room features high back chairs with medieval upholstery which will have you feeling like you are eating at a king’s table rather than a hotel. If you want something on the cheaper side of things, the hostels the Old Town Alur Hostel or the Old Town Munkenhof Guesthouse will do the trick.

We’re sure you will find many hidden treasures as you wander around and create the kind of memories only found in a magical old city like this.