Worried Mom writes humorous list of rules for son’s vacation with his friends

Mom writes humorous list of rules for son’s holiday with his friends

Going on vacation is meant to be a time where you can let loose with your friends or if you are with your family, have some more sedated fun. For one lad who was ready to go on a boys’ trip with all of his best mates and get ready to soak up the Spanish sun and pull a few all-nighters, his mom had a few concerns. While he danced the night away his mom wanted him to be aware of some ground rules. A mother always wants her children to be safe and for this mom, she decided that her son definitely needed a mother’s touch before he headed off to a resort known for hedonism and all sorts of shenanigans. She wasn’t about to let him make any major decisions that he would come to regret the next morning.

Meet Finlay

The teenager at the heart of this comedic story that has swept across the internet is Finlay Brockie. When he finally turned 18 in Fife, Scotland he felt that he was ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Meet Finlay

He had a very specific destination in mind and a resort that he had been hearing about for years from friends. This was finally his time to experience what he felt he had been missing out on.