Tired Of Waxing? Try These Three Methods

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be annoying, costly, and time-consuming especially in the summer months. Waxing is usually the go-to for people who are looking for a slightly longer lasting smoothness than shaving but it can be incredibly painful for some which are a major turn off. However, in this age of innovation, there are now a ton of alternatives that can be used to get rid of unwanted hair. Here are three methods that you can try if you’re tired of waxing.

Tired Of Waxing? Try These Three Methods


While it is similar to waxing it is a lot less painful and uses all natural ingredients which is much better for people with sensitive skin. Most salons will use a mixture of sugar, lemon, and water which forms a paste similar to wax and is applied in the same manner and then pulled off. The difference is that it does not pull and damage the skin the same way that waxing does, nor is it hot. There is no worry about getting burned and having to hobble out of the salon after an uncomfortable bikini session. You will also notice that the mixture dries and forms its own strip to be pulled off, so it is a lot less messy than waxing and having to use a cloth strip to take everything off. Wax itself can be quite damaging to skin because it adheres both to hair and the first layer of skin itself. Sugaring only attaches to the hair.

Tired Of Waxing? Try These Three Methods


This is a permanent fix for unwanted hair but it is also the most costly out of all the methods and it is not a quick fix. Essentially what happens is a cosmetician will use a laser that directly targets individual hair follicles and kills them. This means that hair will no longer grow from them and this procedure can be done on your entire body. It is not exactly without its own form of pain though as some people describe a mild burning sensation. It also takes more than one session to completely eliminate all hair follicles in your chosen area like your legs, armpits, and bikini line. It is permanent though which is very appealing.

Depilatory Cream

Products like Nair and Veet have been creating hair removal creams and there are some people that swear by them. This is by no means a perfect option as you do need to let your hair grow out, apply the cream for the allotted time and then wipe/wash off all of the hair. It works by attacking the keratin in hair which makes it tough and thins it out to the point where it breaks off from the skin. Like shaving, the hair will grow back fairly quickly as the root of the hair is still in place, but if you don’t like shaving or pain, this is a good option.