The Sun Hats You Should Be Wearing

In the summer, all anyone wants to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But that means that you do need to protect your skin from those harsh rays. If you don’t want to slather your face with sunscreen which can clog pores then wearing a stylish sun hat will be just the thing for you. These adorable sun hats will give your skin the protection it needs while also being a nice accessory to add to your summer dress or romper. Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on any limbs which will be getting some sun too!

The Sun Hats You Should Be Wearing

The Straw Hat

These straw hats have been popular since the 1950s when starlets were seen wearing them all over the French Riviera and on Italian beaches. But that doesn’t mean that they are no longer fashionable. Instead, stars have taken to wearing straw hats that are even bigger which has the added bonus of creating shade for most of your body and keeping you cool. Even if it does look slightly like you are wearing an umbrella on your head.

The Floppy Hat

This style differs from the straw hat because it is even less structured. The brim drapes down and protects your face from the sun and the ribbon that tends to go around the middle gives it that elegant edge which makes it the perfect accessory to a 50s inspired sundress.

The Updated Visor

We know, visors aren’t really hats but they do act to keep the sun off of your face and they have been all the rage this season. The translucent plastic that comes in neon shades definitely has an 80s vibe to it which we adore. If you are just relaxing at the beach in a bright swimsuit or wandering around town shopping then this is an easy item to just throw on to add some color to your look.

The Sun Hats You Should Be Wearing

A Fedora

Yes, fedoras are still shockingly in style but not the straw version that was big in the early 2000s. Instead, the fedora of today is made of dark brown or black which makes it easy to match to a music fest outfit. It looks particularly good with cowboy boots which are a good addition to a nice floral dress. You can really wear these hats with whatever your heart desires!