These photographs appear as if they are normal until zooming in

Taking a photo is so easy these days. Back in the day, you only had the option of buying a disposable camera and having the pictures developed, or spending out on a digital camera. However, these days, almost everyone who has a cell phone also has a camera built-in. The quality of the photos that phones can take these days are pretty amazing too since they’re now high resolution enough that you can zoom in a long way.

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Girls vacay

There’s nothing like going on a vacation with the girls, soaking up the glorious sun rays, and enjoying the breeze on the beach. Swimming or sunbathing, the possibilities are endless, and there is one thing that absolutely must be done. It’s basically compulsory to take a picture with all your girlfriends to remember the day!

Although it seems in this picture, they had an extra person get in on the fun. The guy in the background decided he’d join in and strike a pose.