These people may have used deceptive ways but for the right reasons

These people may have used deceptive ways but for all the right reasons

We’ve all been caught in a situation where it seems like the only way to avoid getting into big trouble or helping someone is by telling a little white lie. In extreme circumstances, it is sometimes necessary to help a family member out or a friend by covering for them. This can be anything from pretending a dog is a baby to dressing up to look like someone’s boyfriend. We’re by no means advocating for you to deceive anyone but these people did such a top notch job that we thought they deserved some recognition for their ‘work.’

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The Perfect Name

There is nothing like winning in team sports even if is by default it is still a win in a lot of people’s books. This college intramural softball team quickly realized that all it would take is their very unique team name to win at least a few games.

The Perfect Name

‘No Game Scheduled’ really did the trick and a lot of their competing teams simply thought that their softball game had been canceled. Oops. That’s definitely one way to win but to also be universally despised.