How To Maximize The Space In A Studio Apartment

With the price of rent in major cities like New York, Toronto, or Tokyo basically skyrocketing, it can be difficult to find something that offers space and a rental price tag that doesn’t make you gasp. Usually, you have to sacrifice one for the other, or if you really want some space, you can move to the suburbs which can make for a nasty commute. For those who have opted to stay in the city and rent a closet-sized studio, there are some great ways you can maximize the space and make it feel like home.

How To Maximize The Space In A Studio Apartment


Before you may have been used to having a lot of space for storage, such as chests of drawers but you will want to leave anything that takes up floor space out of your studio. Instead, consider investing in storage that goes vertical rather than horizontal. Like what (we hear you asking)? Well, you can install floor to ceiling cupboards in the space which will leave the floor open for some select pieces of furniture. The whole idea is to have everything on the walls.

The Bed

You’ll most likely want a traditional bed that you can partition off from the rest of the space, but if you really want to leave your apartment open when you’re not sleeping you could consider getting a murphy bed. These foldable beds can be made and then tucked up against a wall which gives you more space to exercise in, host small gatherings or whatever you choose.

The Bathroom

This room is not only for freshening up but you can also use this room for storage. If you look at the space between the door jam and the ceiling, you will see that it is likely the perfect space for a shelf to hold towels and toilet paper. Consider putting a shelf up to give yourself more space for clothing rather than linens in the main room.

How To Maximize The Space In A Studio Apartment

The Furniture

Choosing which pieces of furniture will look both stylish and fit within the space can be tricky. But one thing you will want to do is to make sure you choose pieces that can expand or get smaller and also have a storage component. Your coffee table can function as a space to store blankets, and your couch itself can also be a pullout or have a storage space built under the cushions.

The moral of this story, everything needs to have a function!