The Key To A Long Life: Cold Showers

Cold showers are not really considered enjoyable unless you have been sweating in the sun all day and want to cool off. But they are so much better for your skin, hair, and overall health that you may just want to consider switching to them or at least introducing them every other day to your shower schedule. But don’t let us try and convince you, take a look at the facts regarding cold showers and what they can do to improve your life and thus elongate it as much as possible.

Hair and Skin

Everybody wants to have flawless skin and shiny hair but the reality is that we are all subject to a few blemishes or bad hair days. But cold water can actually help with both. When you wash your face with cold water instead of hot it leaves the natural oils instead of stripping them away which keeps your skin from drying out. As well, just as hot water opens pores, cold water makes them tighten which can give your skin a smoother look. For hair, hot water is also quite stripping but cold water can help to make it shiny by making it lay flat and keeping the hair itself from breaking which high heat can do.

Weight Loss

Each person’s body contains fat which we need to keep us warm but sometimes if a person’s body contains a bit too much fat then it does need to be burned off. The brown fat is what keeps us warm and when you splash your body with cold water it activates this type of fate which starts burning calories to keep you warm and thus help with weight loss.

Immunity and Circulation

If you find yourself prone to getting sick quite often then cold showers might be something to try and increase your immunity to certain bugs. Just don’t have one if you are already sick! Cold water helps to increase your metabolism which is also responsible for burning fat. This increase in metabolism means that your white blood cells which are in charge of attacking pesky bacteria and viruses that make you sick actually increase. More white blood cells make it easier for your body to fight off infection and illness. Circulation is also a component which contributes to a healthy body. Since your body wants to stay warm all the blood in your circulatory system will go to the sources that need to be kept warm the most which is your organs. Your heart will be happy to have this influx of blood as well as your other organs and your overall health should improve!