Idle Hands? Try Sketching

Do you ever find yourself idling sketching a small doodle on the edge of your notebook while you sit on the subway or at home watching television? Sketching can be a fun hobby that you can develop into a real skill with a bit of patience and practice. It is also an excellent tool that uses a different part of your brain than the one you typically use when you are composing a report. It allows your creative side to flow freely. Here are some of the major benefits of sketching.

Problem Solving

Sketching uses a different part of your brain and it helps to develop the problem-solving part by making you think in a different manner. For example, if a component of your sketch is proving difficult to draw you will have to think creatively about how to change the way you are approaching it to a way that allows you to draw what you want in the manner you want. Problem-solving is a skill you will need continuously and drawing is a fun way to work on this in an environment that is free of stress.

Idle Hands? Try Sketching

Hand-Eye Coordination

Just as playing catch can develop hand-eye coordination, drawing will help to develop this in an indoor or outdoor environment. As you focus on what you are drawing your hand movements will become more precise the longer you practice and work on your sketching. Like everything, practice makes perfect. This increased hand-eye coordination will filter over into your everyday life as well, such as typing more efficiently or simply catching a water bottle or apple thrown your way in the break room.


As you begin sketching you will start to see a vast improvement the longer you pursue it. You may find that you have a gift for sketching. As soon as you put pen or pencil to paper the image you see in your mind’s eye will translate to the piece of paper in front of you. This will give you a sense of achievement from simply practicing a new skill. This newfound sense of confidence is something you can carry with you in your day to day life. Simply seeing that a bit of effort can have big rewards and trying something new can create an increased sense of self-worth.

So grab a pencil and a sheet of paper and simply start to draw something, either a water bottle sitting on your desk or anything from your mind’s eye. You will see that if you put your mind to it and practice, this will be a hobby that gives you great personal satisfaction.