Sunburnt? Try These Four Products

Have you been laying out on the beach trying to work on that perfect even tan that says I’ve been away for the weekend in Nantucket or I popped over to Barcelona for the weekend? Chances are if you have been holed up at home or in the office that tan is more of a pomegranate shade of red. Nobody likes getting a sunburn and certainly, no one actively goes out and tries to get one. But sometimes we don’t apply enough sunscreen or we stay out in the sun too long without reapplying and before you know, ‘Bam’ you are lobster red. Here are some products that will help soothe that burn and keep your skin from experiencing any more damage.

Got A Sunburn? Try These Four Products

Aloe Vera

This is the cure-all that every person should have either growing in their apartment or out in their yard. The gel inside helps to soothe burns of any kind and when kept in the fridge that ice cool feeling can be just what you need. You can also buy it in the store from Hawaiian Tropic but the stuff straight from the source is the best. If the burn is still too painful, consider purchasing an aloe vera that has some lidocaine in it as this will numb the skin a bit.

Got A Sunburn? Try These Four Products

Korres After Sun Greek Yogurt

Don’t worry this is not actually yogurt, but this all-natural brand has created a line specifically to address any after sun needed care. This is a thick cream that does have some of the ingredients found in Greek yogurt, it is a Greek brand after all. The proteins found in the yogurt actually works to create an intense layer of moisture which will work to keep your skin from blistering or peeling off once the burn begins to set in.

Burt’s Bees Aloe & Coconut Oil After Sun Soother

The coconut oil is what really does the trick here and when combined with aloe vera you get all the nutrients needed to actively heal your skin. Coconut oil itself is designed to repair skin and the high moisture content helps to renew the skin so that you don’t lose that youthful glow. Sun damage has been known to cause wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin afflictions which can be unsightly and dangerous for your health.

Protect your skin with sunscreen whenever you go out to avoid burning, including sunscreen for your lips which are susceptible as the skin is much thinner than other parts of your body. Stay hydrated and enjoy those summer months.