Why Everyone Should Live Abroad At Least Once In Their Lives

Moving to a new country to live for a year or even to restart your life can seem really daunting. You are leaving your friends and family, essentially your entire support system behind you for the unknown. Will you be happy in this new city and culture? Or will you be overwhelmed and just want to return to what is familiar and safe? These are all valid questions but living abroad is eye-opening and will expose you to so many foreign experiences that will make you grow as a person that it is worth it for everyone to live abroad at least once in their lives and here is why.

Why Everyone Should Live Abroad At Least Once In Their Lives

Challenge Yourself

Leading a complacent life is fine for some but if you are a dreamer who feels like they are not living their life to the fullest degree then you need to go abroad. You will experience culture shock and moments where you question what you have done but once that fades you will see how amazing it is to be in a country not your own. You will grow so much as you navigate a new work environment, finding a place to live, and the bureaucracy of making sure you have all the right documents for wherever you are.


You will meet other people who are working abroad like you as well as the local community which will make you friends for life and potentially open a lot of doors for other opportunities abroad or in your home country. The people you meet at work will know of other opportunities abroad and how you can parlay your current role into another one. It is all about who you know and being a global citizen means you know a lot more people then if you stay in your hometown for the rest of your life.