Why Epistolary Relationships Are A Lost Art?

First off, what is an epistolary relationship you might be wondering? Epistolary basically means that it is a relationship in which one writes and exchanges letters with someone. But who writes and mails physical mail anymore? Not many people that is for sure. Oddly if you think about it we all engage in a form of epistolary relationships every day via texting and chatting through social media. But there is a big difference between the instant gratification provided through a text you can instantly respond to then having to wait days, weeks or even months for a letter or postcard. But this is a mode of communication that should be reintroduced and here is why.

Why Epistolary Relationships Are A Lost Art

It Is Much More Personal

Anybody can fire off a quick text, “Sup?” but it definitely lacks that personal quality of receiving a handwritten letter from someone either from afar or just one city over. Imagine someone taking the time to sit down and write you a letter detailing what they have been up to, their thoughts and feelings about a topic, or even you. Seeing it in a hard copy, in their own writing does something that a simple text does not. It elicits different emotions and makes you want to respond the same way so that they too can feel the way you did when you received the letter.

Why Epistolary Relationships Are A Lost Art

Left On Read

Another great feature of letter writing is that you don’t have to stare at that glaring read receipt knowing that the person read your message and actively chose to ignore you. When you send a letter, you can pour your heart out and even if the person chooses not to send you a letter in return you can know that you bare your soul and not feel like you have held your emotions back. Plus, a letter can be as long as you want it to be and you can edit it or even choose not to send it. The process of formulating a letter itself can be cathartic if someone has wronged you or they are a lost love.

Why Epistolary Relationships Are A Lost Art

Formal And Classy

Lots of people still have stationery embossed with their family sigil or their name which makes their letter formal and very classy. If you are sending invites out to a party you may want to consider sending personalized letters or cards as it will make your event seem classier then ending an e-invite with a GIF. Plus, everyone appreciates that personal touch and when the mailman hands you a letter with your name addressed on it and it is not a bill it is so nice to sit down and read about your friend’s exploits abroad or from closeby.