People Share The Clever Inventions That Make Life Easier

People Share Their Clever Inventions That Make Life Easier

How often have you faced a problem and wondered why there wasn’t a simple solution for it? We have lost count of the many ways life could be easier with the right invention. Even small things like better lighting in a fitting room or knowing how much ink your pen has left could make a huge difference to everyday life. Luckily, some clever people out there have made impressive inventions to give you such things, and that’s not all they’ve created.

The basketball trash bin

For some reason, a lot of people just can’t get the hang of throwing their trash away. Even when there are bins nearby, there still seems to be a preference to just dump their garbage on the floor.

Besides creating an unflattering mess, this also does dangerous things to the planet. That’s why we need more public bins like this. Perhaps if throwing away trash was fun, people would be more willing to do their part for the environment.