These celebrity purchases cost a fortune and left fans wondering why

These celebrity purchases cost a fortune and left fans wondering why

Each celebrity is different in what they do, how they got famous, and how much they’re worth. However, sometimes it doesn’t make a difference how much one celeb earns to the next, sometimes it’s just about a show of wealth. However, it’s not surprising that some celebrities lead the kind of lives that know no limit, and it doesn’t even seem to dawn on them that some of what they’re buying is kind of… pointless. Well, we’re guessing that’s the luxury of having the money to buy exactly what you want when you want.

That’s not always the case, however, as some celebs buy some reasonable items… Just for way too much money! Perhaps it’s because we know we’ll never know money quite like it, which is why we like to take a look at exactly what it is they’re buying and compare it to our own daily shopping. It’s nowhere near as exciting! Naturally, it’s all worlds apart. Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous purchases made by celebrities.

Kelly Rowland bought a crystal-encrusted bathtub for Blue-Ivy

There’s nothing like buying something really basic and just adding diamonds to it. Well, when you’ve been invited to Queen Bey’s baby shower, you can’t exactly come with a run-of-the-mill teddy bear. You have to bring something worthy of the queen herself.

Kelly Rowland bought a crystal-encrusted bathtub for Blue-Ivy

Well, Kelly Rowland did just that, gifting Blue-Ivy a Swarovski-crystal studded bathtub for the baby. That’s not the only thing that Beyonce’s baby was gifted that was an insane price; recently the child was spotted wearing a gown worth $11,000.

Beyonce bought gold leggings for $100,000

Well, we’ve already told you something Kelly Rowland purchased for this queen of music, but we haven’t touched on any of the wild purchases she makes herself. If we were as rich and famous as Beyonce, nothing would hold us back.

Beyonce bought gold leggings for $100,000

Everyone knows that, if Beyonce wanted to, she could withdraw a load of cash and roll in it. However, instead, she decided she was going to change her money into gold and bought a golden pair of leggings for a cool $100,000. No doubt it was like pocket money to this icon, and she has plenty more where that came from.

Nicolas Cage bought a Mongolian dinosaur skull

Of all the things you would imagine two famous celebrities fighting over, we’re guessing a Mongolian dinosaur skull isn’t one of those things. Well, it seems like that’s exactly what happened, and Nicolas Cage was embroiled in an auction war against Leonardo DiCaprio over this skull.

The skull in question reportedly sold for $276,000 in 2007 and is estimated to be around 67 million years old and is officially called a Tyrannosaurus bataar skull. However, it turns out the skull was stolen by a fossil smuggler, and Cage had to give it up so it could go back to where it should be.

Paris Hilton dished out on a doggy villa

It wouldn’t be right to see Paris Hilton without her tiny little handbag and one of her adorable chihuahua dogs by her side. There’s no doubt that Hilton adores her pet pooches, and how much she dished out on their doggy villas proves just that.

The villa itself became famous as it was two floors high, 300 square feet, oh, and worth $325,000. You’re probably wondering exactly how a dog house can be so much money. It probably has something to do with the black crystal chandelier, balcony, and designer furniture. Paris Hilton’s dogs have become luxury homeowners, thanks to their mom.

Katy Perry spent $200,000 on a space ticket

We all remember when Russell Brand and Katy Perry were a thing, right? Sure, it was a while ago now, but we’re sure they remember it as if it were yesterday. Well, sometimes couples like to do extravagant things for their birthdays, and Katy Perry knew just the thing Russell Brand wanted. It was Russell Brand’s 35th birthday back in 2010 and was the same year that Katy Perry purchased a ticket to space for her beloved partner.

The ticket was specifically with spaceship company Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson. Of course, the two have since divorced, making it unclear exactly which one is being sent to space.

So did Ashton Kutcher

Purchasing a ticket to space was a huge trend back when they were being released, although it seems Katy Perry beat Kutcher to the chase. However, instead of the ticket being a gift for someone else, Ashton Kutcher got it for himself. By 2012 over 500 passengers had been signed up.

So did Ashton Kutcher

It’s now 2019, and space tourism still isn’t quite ready to go, although they assure people that it should be ready soon. They have had to be meticulous with their spacecraft, making sure it’s safe.

Lady Gaga spent $50,000 on a ghost detector

Lady Gaga has, and probably always will be, the face of eccentric pop incarnate. Not only is she a seriously daring singer who is always looking to push the boundaries, but she’s not putting it on either! Gaga spent $50,000 on a ghost detector and, while we’re not totally convinced that spooky souls are lurking around if it helps make Gaga feel safe, then why not.

We’re just not sure we have that kind of money laying around for such a specific purchase.

Magic Johnson bought 30 Burger Kings

There’s nothing like loving a franchise, and Magic Johnson clearly had a thing for the Burger King franchise. Sportsmen can’t stay in the limelight forever; once they get to a certain age or physical ability, someone younger comes along.

However, rather than turning to protein shakes or health foods, Magic Johnson decided to buy 30 of the Burger King franchises. He’s done similar in the past with Starbucks but has since sold them. There’s nothing like casually buying a Burger King or two.

Tamara Ecclestone’s actual crystal bathtub

This is not just a regular bathtub with a few crystals on it, it’s genuinely a crafted bathtub made entirely of crystal. The tub is worth $1 million on its own, so we can’t imagine what everything added together must cost.

Tamara is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who is a former Formula One chief executive. She had to have her floor reinforced and specific crystals gathered before it was perfect. In total it was estimated to have cost $1.5 million.