Bride and Maid of Honor scam Bridesmaids out of hundreds of dollars

Bride and Maid of Honor scam Bridesmaids out of hundreds of dollars

As much as a spoilt and demanding bridezilla can be a nightmare for everyone in a wedding party, there are of course worse people in the world. No one wants to feel the wrath of a shouting and stomping bride, but their wedding rage is nothing a few glasses of bubbly and a table full of presents can’t fix. However, attempting to scam your own bridesmaids is on another level and one you’d never dream of happening…

An honorable role

Being asked to be part of someone’s wedding party is a very honorable invite. It’s a special moment for any bridesmaid or groomsman when they’re picked out of hundreds of friends and family to join the happy couple at the altar and stand by their side in the most important moment of their life.

An honorable role

You would think a bride would love and respect her bridesmaids dearly, wouldn’t you? Enough to not scam them out of money anyway…

An angry bridesmaid

An anonymous bridesmaid has taken to Reddit lately to tell us her story of when she was asked to be part of an upcoming wedding party. However, she soon found out the bride was trying to con the bridal party out of money to pay for her wedding dress.

There are different levels of bridezilla-ness. Some brides might just get themselves flustered when something doesn’t go quite to plan, or perhaps they get a little angry when someone isn’t doing as they’re told. But this particular bride has overstepped the mark by a long shot. Who in their right state of mind would want to fraud their own bridesmaids?

A large party

So what exactly happened? Well, the anonymous bridesmaid on Reddit has said that the whole ordeal happened several years ago when she was asked to be part of the bridal party around five months before the big day was due to take place.

She felt privileged even to be asked, so of course, she said yes! She considered her a dear friend, so it was an honor. In total there were seven bridesmaids, including the Maid of Honor too. It was a rather large bridal party, but each of them was someone who the bride considered a loved one.

New dresses

The bridesmaid was really excited to be part of the wedding, and so she was willing to do all that she could do to help. This included any planning or preparations that needed to be done, and also anything that she could contribute to financially. It’s becoming more common practice for the bridesmaid to pay for their own dresses and this is exactly what the bride expected.

Together the party had picked out the perfect dress, but the bride had requested that they each pay for their own because the budget was tight. They all agreed to do so, but this particular Reddit bridesmaid was slightly concerned.

Low bank account

At the time, she was still at college, and so her bank account was on the low side. Nonetheless, she sucked it up and dealt with the fact that she would have to be forking out. It was a very beautiful dress, but the cost of it was a massive $400!

The bridesmaid knew this price tag was rather on the expensive side, but it was the one that the bride wanted so she accepted the price and kept telling herself it was all for a good cause. She was just happy that she was asked to be part of the wedding.

Wedding expenses

Not only was it this particular bridesmaid who was short of money, but most of the other girls were too. Two of them were still in college, and the rest of them were recent graduates.

Everyone knows that post-grad life is rarely a period in your life when you have a full purse, but nevertheless, all of the girls banded together and agreed they would pay for their own dresses. It was an exciting time for them all.

Fixtures and fittings

The Maid of Honor was very reasonable too. She told them that she would put the price of all the dresses on her credit card, and then they could pay her back whenever they had the money. Even better, she told them they could pay back in installments too.

The bridesmaid thought this was very fair, and a bit of a lifesaver too because she didn’t really have $400 upfront. Everything was seeming to work out well.

Exam season

Once the dresses were picked out, each bridesmaid told the shop their size. And then once they were made, they would all go along together for the first fitting. Hopefully, the dresses would be the right size on the first try, but the bride wanted them to fit perfectly so they all looked their best.

However, the date for the fitting was during the Reddit bridesmaid’s finals at college, so she had no choice but to visit the shop on her own once her exams were over. No big deal.

The bridal shop

Eventually, her finals were over, and she felt stress-free, ready to fully start preparing for the upcoming wedding. The bridesmaid visited the bridal shop a couple of days after her last exam. She went alone and was told by the Maid of Honor that the dress was already paid for.

All she would have to do is try on the dress, discuss any alterations that needed to be made, and then pay her via bank transfer whenever she could.

Perfect fit

As soon as she saw the dress in person, she was actually very impressed. There was no doubt it was beautiful, but it should have been for the price of $400, she thought to herself. She tried on the dress in the changing room with the help of the store owner, and thankfully it fit like a glove.

It was the perfect size for her body, and when she looked in the mirror, she felt beautiful. That was the main thing. She was happy.

Leaving the shop

She slipped out of the dress and hung it back into the protective plastic on its hanger. She was $400 down, but boy was it a lovely dress. After getting changed back into her clothes, the bridesmaid thanked the owner for her help and started walking towards the exit with the dress in hand.

However, as she went to open the door, a store assistant stopped her in her path and yelled: “Hey, that will be $200 please!


The bridesmaid was so confused. Had she been mistaken for someone else? What was going on? The store assistant looked at her as though she was expecting her to hand over the money, but the Maid of Honor had already paid in full, right?

The bridesmaid explained the situation to the assistant, telling her that the dress had already been paid for by the bridal party a couple weeks back. At this point, the store owner returned and came running over to diffuse the situation.

A realization

The store owner confirmed that the dress had in fact been paid for and the assistant apologized profusely. It was a simple mix up, not to worry, she thought! However, after leaving the store, she came to a sudden realization. A terrible realization.

The assistant had come running over to tell her that $200 needed to be paid. $200… She had been told the dress was $400? So why was she and the rest of the bridal party paying double the actual price?

A scamming bride

It was then that she realized she was getting scammed by her own friend. How could this be? Surely it was some kind of mix up? Why would her own friend want to con her and the rest of their friends out of money? She needed answers, and she needed them now!

After getting home and thinking about it for a while, she decided to confront the Maid of Honor straight away. She picked up the phone and dialed her number.

Scheming and planning

This was a conversation she never thought she would have, as what she feared came true. The Maid of Honor spilled the beans and told her that she and the bride plotted together to charge the bridal party double the actual price. But why?

Well, it turns out that the bride wanted to secretly scam her bridesmaids out of extra money to pay for her own wedding dress! The bridesmaid was furious. She couldn’t quite believe it.

Four bridesmaids down

Disgust was an understatement for how she felt. How could her friend betray her in such a horrible way? She was willing to pay out $400 to support her on her special day, and this was how she repaid her? The bridesmaid told the rest of the bridal party immediately, and they were just as mortified as she was.

There was no way they were going to even be at the wedding anymore, let alone be her bridesmaid!

Friend or fraud?

Four of the bridesmaids dropped out and told the bride they were no longer coming. Their friendship was over, just like that. Not only was the bride a horrible friend to them all, but she was, in fact, a criminal! She had scammed them out of money, and so technically they had every right to go to the authorities about it too.

The bride was now four bridesmaids down, and $800 down for the unpaid dresses too.


Karma certainly got its own back on the bride. Perhaps now she could learn a lesson on how to treat friends with a bit of respect and gratitude. This particular scamming bride is undoubtedly someone you could call a bridezilla.

A criminal one in fact! Believe it or not, but there are actually a number of other bride fraudsters out there, with one particular story surfacing recently about a bride trying to scam people out of money.

Another scammer

In another Reddit post, a hotel worker decided to share their own story of one particular bride-to-be who tried to scam the hotel the day before her wedding was due to go ahead there. According to the hotel worker, the grounds that the building sits on is very popular with wedding receptions.

However, there was one woman who tried to con the wedding venue out of thousands of dollars worth of money. Here’s what happened.

Playing the victim

The ordeal started when the bride came to the hotel the day before the wedding to approve and confirm that everything was perfect and the way she had ordered it to be. She would need to check the table settings, the flowers, the menu, everything you could think of.

However, as she looked around the room, she started to get angry. She explained to the hotel workers that there was absolutely nothing done correctly. According to her, everything they agreed on was wrong.