Bride furious with her bridesmaid for cutting her hair without asking permission

Bride furious with her bridesmaid for cutting her hair without asking permission

Some brides inevitably turn into a bridezilla when things don’t go their way. It could be a disaster like a photographer canceling, or it could that someone is simply not doing as they’re asked. There are lots of things that could go wrong and bring out the inner angry woman inside.

But despite it being ‘their perfect special day’, there are often times when the brides go a little too far. This is the story of a bridesmaid who was blasted by her bride for getting a haircut!

Wedding party

Being asked to be part of a wedding party is an honor that can make you feel special. Whether you’re a groomsman or bridesmaid, it must be a good feeling to know you mean a lot to someone.

Wedding party

But being part of a bridal party doesn’t just mean all you have to do is walk down the aisle and look pretty, it comes with the responsibility of doing all you can to make sure your bride’s day runs as smoothly as possible.

A bridesmaid

The bridesmaid’s responsibility of making sure the bride’s day runs smoothly includes things like fluffing her dress, greeting the guests, retouching her makeup, that kind of thing. So what happens if you annoy your bride before the big day even arrives? Well, one anonymous bridesmaid took to the debate forum site Reddit to discuss the incident she was involved with when she got her haircut just weeks before a wedding.

A bridesmaid

Getting a haircut…Sounds pretty innocent, right? Well, not according to the bride! After seeing that she went to the salon without her permission, the bride was furious and labeled her bridesmaid selfish. Let’s check out what happened.

Needing answers

The anonymous bridesmaid began her story on Reddit by asking the question “Am I in the wrong for getting my haircut before my sister in law’s wedding?” She then continued by explaining how although this feels like a petty argument, she still wanted to create this post to get some opinions on whether she was suffering from ‘selfish tunnel vision?’

In the bridesmaid’s eyes, she had done no wrong, but that certainly wasn’t the case for the bride. She was absolutely furious. So what exactly happened? What was the haircut she got? Why did the bride find it so offensive?

Long locks

Well, at the time she was asked by her sister-in-law to be part of the bridal party, the bridesmaid had been growing her hair for years. She had lovely long hair, all the way down past her waist. Although she had always loved her hair, she was starting to get a little bit sick of it.

Long locks

It was difficult to maintain, and she simply wanted a change – a lovely fresh haircut in time for the wedding is a great idea too, or so the bridesmaid thought anyway. Up until this point, her sister-in-law had been a calm and kind bride-to-be, so she didn’t think a haircut would be a problem.

Three feet off

So, not thinking much of it, the bridesmaid booked an appointment at her local salon and decided to take the plunge. Her hair was very long indeed, but she wanted a whole new look. Something drastic. So after pondering on it for a while, she decided to have it all chopped off to a pixie cut instead.

After an hour or two in the salon, the hairdresser gave the new haircut its finishing touches before swiveling her around in the chair to face the mirror. Fortunately, she absolutely loved it! It was a bold new look, but it was certainly the right decision.

A bold new look

The bridesmaid had a delightful spring in her step as she left the salon. We all know the feeling you get after you’ve had a great haircut, so the bridesmaid was excited to show it off. The first person she showed was her fiance, and he loved it.

And the hairdresser had told her it really suited her face shape too. It was a fantastic confidence boost for her, and it came just in time for the wedding.

Posting online

The bridesmaid was so thrilled by the new haircut that she decided to post a selfie on her social media page right away. In the post, she explained how much she loved it and how much of a big deal it was for her to get all of her long hair cut off.

Posting online

The likes and comments came rushing in too. All of her friends were replying saying how much it suited her, and this made her feel even better.

An unexpected text

However, there was one person who didn’t quite agree. Shortly after posting the selfie, the bridesmaid received a rather rude text from her sister-in-law expressing her opinion on her new hair.

An unexpected text

She was far from impressed and told her bridesmaid that she should have consulted her before getting the chop, or at least waited another month until the wedding had come and gone. The bridesmaid was blown away. She could never have expected this type of reaction.

A furious bride

But why was the bride so deeply against the new pixie cut? Well, it turns out that she was angry about it because she didn’t think the short hair would go well with the overly feminine dresses and decorations she had already picked out.

This made the bridesmaid feel very offended. Did the haircut really look that bad? Why was her sister-in-law being so unreasonable? It upset her to the point that she no longer wanted to be part of the wedding.

Standing out

According to her sister-in-law, she didn’t think the pixie cut was going to look as good among the several other bridesmaids. The rest of the bridal party all had long hair, so now she was going to stand out in the photographs for all the wrong reasons.

Standing out

Although she was happy that everyone else approved of the pixie cut, the bridesmaid was heartbroken that her sister-in-law would be so unreasonable and ignorant to her feelings.

Taking it online

Feeling deflated about her sister-in-law’s reaction, the bridesmaid decided she wanted to get some other opinions on the ordeal. She wasn’t sure how to respond to the text she received, so instead, she took to Reddit to get some answers.

Basically, the bridesmaid wanted to know whether she was in the wrong for making such a ‘drastic hairstyle change’ or if her sister-in-law was being unfair. But on top of wanting to get a new look, there was another reason for the pixie cut too.

An explanation

It turns out that the bridesmaid got so much cut off because she wanted to donate the hair to a charity called ‘Wigs for Kids’ – who make free wigs for children with cancer or alopecia. She had always admired the work that the charity does, so she also wanted to be part of their wonderful causes.

So not only was the pixie cut for vanity reasons, but the bridesmaid wanted good to come out of it too.

Charity chop

The hair that she was able to donate could create multiple wigs. A whole 36 inches was cut off (that’s around three feet!) The bridesmaid felt amazing about it because, from her donation, she knew she would be able to make a huge difference to a child needing a smile put back on their faces.

However, her sister-in-law didn’t quite see it from this point of view. Instead, she was being selfish and only thinking about the aesthetic of her wedding.