The Top Spa Retreat Of 2019

There is nothing quite as relaxing as heading to the spa for the day, being pampered, and generally feeling like you don’t have a care in the world. But imagine spending a whole week like this. There are many spa resorts which offer everything a spa lover could want from daily massages, thermal baths, and body treatments but there are certain features which set some apart from the rest. This spa resort in the mountains of Switzerland is considered to be one of the best in the world and if you get the chance then you definitely need to spend a week here relaxing and detoxing.

Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

This spa is not your everyday day spa with manicures, facials, and the like. Instead, it is considered the premier medical spa in the country. It has been designed to offer medical treatment alongside what they purport to be the healing waters found in the thermal springs in the area. If you have felt that you needed a complete break from your everyday life then this would be the place to do it. Once at the medical spa you are met by a team of doctors who will you give you a physical, nutrition plan, and exercise regime to get you into top physical condition.

The regular spa treatments like daily saunas, soaking in the thermal baths, and beauty treatments are also incorporated into the program specifically designed to meet your needs. All you have to do when you arrive is follow the schedule set out for you. Another very interesting feature of the services they offer is sleeping analysis. Their sleep specialists can help determine why your sleep is disrupted and help to provide solutions. A good sleep schedule means a healthier body.

The Top Spa Retreat Of 2019

The Setting

The thermal spa water which has made the resort famous was actually found in 1242 AD and from then on was used by various people and then hotels until it became the world-renowned medical resort it is now. When you stay at the hotel you can see exactly where the thermals are coming from and see that it is literally being pumped in right from the source. This is the perfect place to seclude yourself for a time and recenter after the stresses of the outside world. You will leave the resort feeling refreshed and if you need some re-tuning you can always return on a semi-annual basis which is what many patrons decide to do.