What the relationship between Meghan Markle and her half-sister is really like

What the relationship between Meghan Markle and her half-sister is really like

Meghan Markle was well-known before she married British royalty, thanks to her acting career. However, it was not until she shot to international stardom as the new Duchess of Sussex that her personal drama really hit the mainstream media. Meghan’s relationship with her family (other than her mother) is a very tense one, especially with her half-sister, Samantha. Samantha has always had a way with words and liked to speak to the press about her sister, whether for her own 15 minutes of fame or sheer sibling rivalry.

Meghan has been silent about her issues with her family as she knows that nothing good comes from airing her dirty laundry; her sister did not get the memo and shares everything with whoever will listen. So what did happen between the sisters? While Meghan keeps mum about it all, Samantha does share some information with the world as to the nature of their rift. We have a feeling that the rift has more to do with inappropriate behavior and attention seeking than anything else, but you never know.

Age gap

Due to the fact that Meghan’s father was married before he was with Meghan’s mom, there is a rather large age gap between the women – 16 years to be exact. A difference of 16 years is very significant, so much so that the two did not grow up with the same experiences and time.

Although the age gap was big, Samantha said that she and Meghan were close when they were younger. She said that Meghan called her Daff Duck since she made funny noises.