These people have left the past behind and joined the future

These people have left the past behind and joined the future

These days life is all about convenience. People do not want anything to be too difficult or too time-consuming. When it comes to buying groceries all you need to do is download an app, order them and have them delivered to your door. Since time began people have been looking to invent things that make their lives just a little or a lot easier. Yet there are problems or issues that arise that an app cannot help with or inventions that are needed to deal with everyday problems that are not on the market.

These modern-day inventors have created modern solutions for their modern problems. Bacon grease burning you while you attempt to make a delicious breakfast? No problem, one of these innovators found a quick fix. The following are some people who have decided to invent exactly what they need or want and all with materials you can easily find at home which have made for some pretty unique and incredibly funny looking items. You will not be finding these on store shelves anytime soon!

Refreshing Lemon Water

When you go to a spa you are always offered a glass of lemon or cucumber water which gives it that something special which makes you actually want to drink it. Well, when faced with drinking water from a public drinking fountain everyone always finds it a bit suspect and the water can sometimes taste a bit funny.

This brainiac decided to tackle two problems, the lemon slice makes the water coming out delicious and the lemon juice itself also acts as a disinfectant to any pesky germs that might be hanging around.