These notes left by parents for their children are so accurate

These notes left by parents for their children are so accurate

Kids are great, aren’t they? Well, if you’re a parent, then chances are you’ll go from thinking that they’re the best thing since sliced bread to wishing you could afford to send them off to boarding school. However, sometimes the parenting techniques you learned in your maternity class just don’t work, and you have to employ some seriously creative methods.

These parents have decided enough is enough; they’re going to have to do the dreaded thing everyone fears. The foolproof way of getting people to do things when you need them to… The infamous note. Oh yes, when everything is going wrong, and you need to have something there to remind your kids to do your bidding, the last resort is the very feared reminder note. Okay, it’s probably more hilarious than it is scary, but who says that’s not a valid parenting technique? We sure don’t. Some parents use humor, and others use the brutality of bluntness. Either way, it’s a great way to get your point across without having to lose the plot.

Liam Neeson will find you…

This cleverly worded note starts with probably one of the most famous lines from this quote. It’s a great way of lightheartedly capturing the kid’s attention and keeping them reading on. After all, they’re going to have to listen carefully.

Essentially, this parent is sick of being a ‘maid’ and has resorted to threatening probably one of the scariest things a young person can hear these days. If you can’t guess what that is, we’ll tell you; it’s being disconnected from the wifi.