Need An O2 Infusion? Get These Houseplants

Every human needs oxygen to live, this is a basic fact of life but there is a myriad of reasons why having houseplants are something every home needs. Do not worry if you find that you lack a green thumb there are house plants that even the worst at home gardener cannot kill! Here are some house plants to give you an influx of oxygen in your life and brighten up your house while you are at it.

Need An O2 Infusion? Get These Houseplants

An All Natural Filter

Pollution is a huge problem in most cities and nobody likes that feeling of dirty air on their skin especially when at home. House plants like aloe vera, bamboo, and spider plants all act as natural air purifiers. They suck up all of the carbon dioxide, benzene, and other harsh chemicals often present in the air. Creating humidity in the form of water vapor is something else they do which can act to keep you from getting coughs and sore throats due to dry air.

Stress Reducers

Nobody likes feeling stressed, especially at home which is supposed to feel like a safe space. House plants have been studied to see if they have an effect on stress and naturally they do. The extra oxygen they release helps to keep people healthier as it lowers stress and even makes people feel less tired as they are having a giant intake of clean breathable air.

Need An O2 Infusion? Get These Houseplants

Sleep Aids

Essential oils such as lavender have been used to fight headaches and help the sleepless get some shut-eye. Growing lavender, jasmine, and gardenias in the bedroom or simply having cuttings can actually work together to help you sleep just by smelling them. If you find you haven’t been sleeping well consider putting a pot of lavender by your bed so you breathe it in for a bit before you try and fall asleep, it may be just what you need.

General Wellbeing

A healthy mind and a happy body are what keeps a person functioning at an optimal level. Exercising regularly can help with this but creating a soothing environment full of plants can create a beautiful home environment too. The beauty aside, the smell of the plants, oxygen produced and filtered aircan all work together to create a sense of harmony. Hospitals will often have plants in waiting rooms or recuperation ones because patients like to see them. Those flowers that are brought when someone is ill has the added benefit of sprucing up a room but also contributing to well being as a whole. Maybe this is why house plants make such great housewarming gifts you are giving a green gift and one that’s actively working to filter the air around you!