Need A New Show To Fill The Game of Thrones Size Hole In Your Life? Try These 3

Most of us are still feeling an epic-sized hole with the final episode of Game of Thrones airing two weeks ago. Now you might be scrambling to find a good show to fill the void. While there may never be another fantasy show that can rival GoT these three might do in a pinch or if you are just really desperate for something new to binge. With an eye towards fantasy, you may just want to check out these shows.

Need A New Show To Fill The Game of Thrones Size Hole In Your Life? Try These 3

American Gods, Starz

This show from Starz based on the book of the same name by critically-acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman focuses on a war between the Gods of old and the Gods of new. The Gods of old are those of Asgard, think Thor and Odin and the Gods of new are Media and Mr. Town. Essentially, people are no longer believing in the Gods of old which means they are losing their powers. Media and the other new gods are taking over as technology begins to be what is ‘worshipped’ by most people. The ensuing battle for belief makes for a very interesting series that will be sure to please most Thrones fans.

Need A New Show To Fill The Game of Thrones Size Hole In Your Life? Try These 3

Good Omens, Amazon Prime

It seems like Neil Gaiman is on a roll, and this novel which he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett has been adapted for the little screen as well. It was just released this May and stars British veteran actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen as a demon and an angel who are instrumental in the start of Armageddon. This is a comedy series about the forces of good and evil and about how a demon and an angel just really enjoy their lives on earth and their secret friendship. It does not have the serious tone of GoT but it has a ton of magic and a very witty rapport between Tennant and Sheen.

The Magicians, SyFy

Now in its fourth season, The Magicians which is based on a novel by Lev Grossman is centered on the character of Quentin Coldwater. When he is accepted to a magical university called Brakebills he learns that the world of Fillory from his favorite childhood books is real. The series follows him and his friends as they navigate the magical world which has a series of alternate worlds that they can access, Fillory being one of them. This is for fans of Harry Potter and those who like the idea of magic in an adult world rather than a child’s one. The series is addictive so expect to binge watch this one!