Mother couldn’t believe what happened when she attended her son’s graduation instead of her own

Working hard to make it work

Every family is different when it comes to what’s important. For some, when it comes to education, certain people believe that it is one of the most important things for anybody to pursue and why not? Many people have had to give up the opportunity to continue their education as a result of becoming a parent and not getting enough support and so they decide to put that part of their lives on hold. However, that doesn’t mean to say that the opportunity is lost, and many parents realize that as their children get older.

Being a parent isn’t always easy, and it sometimes means having to put your own thing aside so that you can be there for your kid. Naturally, some things are more important than others, but there are just some things you just can’t miss if you can help it; like your child’s graduation ceremony. However, what if your own graduation ceremony was happening at the same time?

Working hard to make it work

It’s not uncommon that some parents decide to go back into education when their kids begin their own school journey. It’s a moment in time where teenagers can fend for themselves, and they’re at that age where they don’t want help anyway, sometimes no matter how hard you try.

It also sets a great precedent, in a way, since they’ll be an active role model when it comes to doing your work. It’s a tough decision, but sometimes you just have to make it, or you’ll be waiting forever.

Taking the plunge

This mom took the plunge and dove straight into education, working on getting her bachelor’s degree at the same time as her son. It’s a tough decision, deciding to do a degree. They’re not cheap and they’re not easy to obtain. However, she knew her son worked hard, and she was ready to work just as hard to get her degree as well.

This mom was prepared to take anything on and be there for her children too. In many ways, they would keep her going too. However, she had no idea that she would literally be at the same milestone as her son, Stephan.

Graduation time

Both mom, Sharonda, and her son, Stephan, had been working hard for many years. In fact, Stephan had been working on his bachelor’s for five years. Working side by side for several years, both had finally made it to the point where they would graduate. All that was left was the ceremony, which is a major part and an incredibly commemorative experience for those who participate.

It’s the end to a tough journey and a celebration of everything you have achieved. However, sometimes things don’t always work out as well as they could, and Sharonda was about to be faced with some disappointing news.

Mixed feelings

Sharonda was no doubt ecstatic that her son, Stephan, would finally be graduating, and she wouldn’t miss it for the world. However, Sharonda found out the date of her graduation, and when she did, her heart dropped.

It turned out that her graduation was arranged for the same date and time as her son’s. This was devastating, Sharonda had worked so hard to get where she was, she had dreamed of having her family watch as she graduated.

Mind made up

While this was important to her, she had already made her mind up. She was a mom, and she knew she was going to attend her son’s graduation rather than her own. She was a proud mom, and nothing was going to hold her back.

However, that didn’t stop a part of her from being upset that she would not ever get to graduate officially, after working so hard. It was tough to push it from her mind. However, as far as she knew, nothing could be done, and she had to forget about her own wants for now.

Proud mom

Sharonda had watched her son work so hard at Central Michigan University that she wasn’t going to miss it for the world. She had supported him by promoting his recitals on her Facebook and made sure people knew where to find her son.

Stephan was studying musical theater which is incredibly competitive, but he seemed to thrive along with his classmates. However, when Stephan got the news that his mom couldn’t attend her own graduation, he was beside himself.

Supportive son

Sharonda and Stephan are incredibly close, so when Stephan found out his mom couldn’t attend her own graduation, and he wouldn’t be able to cheer her on from the crowds, he was also devastated.

He didn’t know what he could do that would help either. However, the two knew they were faced with an unfair situation. They also knew there was nothing they could do about it. They just had to wait for graduation day and make the best out of a bittersweet situation.

A social media post

Their luck was about to change with nothing less than a social media post. Naturally, the upset son took to Facebook in order to express how upset he was that they were in this situation. Especially as this didn’t just affect him, but other family and friends who were happy for them both.

However, everyone on his friend list could see the post, and one of those friends worked in the office of President Davies at Central Michigan University as a student worker. They decided to share the story with the president of the university.

Graduation day

It was graduation day, Stephan had his cap and gown ready, and he was more than prepared to graduate. Sharonda was proud of her son, and, while she did not put on her own cap and gown, she was excited to watch as her son walked down the aisle and received his certificate.

The two took their places, Stephan prepared to graduate like every other student and Sharonda prepared to watch on as the ceremony took place. Just like every other parent.

They had no idea

Little did they know that someone behind the scenes had organized something that would surprise them both. Neither mother nor son knew what was coming next, as the two had accepted the situation life put them in.

However, sometimes miraculous things happen for the better, as someone had arranged a surprise for the pair of them. Some wanted to give them both a memory of a lifetime and they had no idea up until the very moment.

A little behind-the-scenes magic

It turns out that from the Facebook post, and Stephan’s friend working in President Davies’ office, that a little behind-the-scenes magic had taken place. Once Davies had heard about what was happening, he quickly got in touch with a man called David Eisler.

David Eisler is the President of Ferris State University, which is where Sharonda had studied for several years. It was also where she was supposed to graduate. The two came up with a plan that would surprise both Stephan and Sharonda.

It all came together quickly

Ari Harris, who is a spokesperson for CMU, explained how quickly it all came together once the two Presidents got in touch. They knew this was a big moment for both mother and son and wanted to make sure both their students got the recognition they deserved.

Their plan was going to be a total surprise if they could pull it off. According to Ari Harris, the whole thing was a “very fast turnaround,” as they had to act quickly to make it work.

The plan worked

Both Stephan and Sharonda had no idea they would be graduating together until the very last moment. Every detail was perfect and well thought out. Sharonda was handed a graduation cap of her own.

This probably confused her at first. After all, shouldn’t that be handed to her son? However, it started to become clear that things weren’t going the usual way and, actually, Sharonda didn’t have to totally sideline her achievement after all.

Stephan was in tears

While no one was more shocked than Sharonda, it was her son, Stephan, who erupted in tears of joy knowing that his mom hadn’t had to give everything up. He couldn’t stop a part of himself feeling guilty before, but now he knew she would have this moment to remember.

Stephan and Sharonda are incredibly close, so sharing this moment with his mom was a memory he would cherish forever. Sharona was handed her cap and asked to stand.