This man used his hands to dig a three-mile road for his village

This man used his hands to dig a three-mile road for his village

If you saw people struggling every day, would you step up and help them? Most of us like to think that we would, but we all have our own lives to lead and looking after our own families can sometimes be hard enough. Life isn’t always that simple, and sometimes when people need something, they don’t get it.

Most of us expect our governments to look after us and others in our communities, but that doesn’t always happen, and some areas can be left neglected for years. The people we vote into power are meant to stand up for everyone they represent, and while they no doubt do their best, sometimes that just isn’t good enough.

This small Kenyan village had been hoping for some improvements to their infrastructure for years, but when nothing was happening, one man took action. He decided if his government wasn’t going to look after his village people, he would do it himself. That’s when he began digging, and he didn’t stop until he’d reached almost 3 miles.

Working hard

Nicholas Muchami hails from Muranga County, a region in Kenya. Most people who know Nicholas are aware he’s a hardworking man, who has a heart of gold and would help anyone who needed it. Nicholas isn’t afraid of hard work and will roll his sleeves up and get stuck into any situation if he thinks it will help.

One day he decided he was going to have to put his energetic ways to good use.