This man was shipwrecked for 76 days, until someone finally found him

This man was shipwrecked for 76 days, until someone finally found him

Some of us can’t imagine a day going by without all of our luxuries. This could be anything from our morning cup of coffee to our king-sized bed and anything in between. All of these little additions might seem like nothing when we get to use them every day, but without them, they could see our lives take a nosedive. So what happens if everything we know and love suddenly disappeared? While it might seem as though we can enjoy these luxuries for the rest of our lives, sometimes, we have no choice but to fight to survive without anything to help us along the way.

One man thought that he was setting out on the adventure of a lifetime with everything that he needed to make it out on the sea. That was until the waters were about to claim his boat, and this fisherman was shipwrecked for 76 days before anyone found him. It looked as though time was running out. He just had to use the power of hope that someone would eventually find him.

The open water

Some of us love to head out onto the open water. The wind in our hair, the water beneath our boat, and the fresh smell of being at one with Mother Nature. So what happened when one man wanted to take his passion one step further?

Steven Callahan had a love for the ocean and wanted to set sail on the sea. However, his adventure was about to turn into a nightmare when he was shipwrecked for 76 days.