Could You Live The Tiny Home Life?

Tiny homes have become all the rage in recent years. People like the idea of being able to move out of their rented apartments onto a piece of property which has a tiny home which they can own outright. Not paying rent is a major factor for a lot of people and in today’s market, it is getting harder and harder to afford to buy a standard home. But also, there is a movement to living sustainably and attempting to leave less of a carbon footprint which a lot of tiny homes are designed to do. But could you really live in around 100 to 400 square feet of space? Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge into your very own tiny home.


Think about your house or apartment, it most likely has quite a few places to store items like outerwear, odds and ends, seasonal furniture and the list goes on. Now imagine trying to fit everything you own into a tiny home. You may quickly realize that you simply have too many items and will need to downsize and donate a lot of furniture and other items that are non-essential. A lot of people look at this positively as it gives you a chance to really assess what you have and what you do not need. But if this is already causing you a sense of anxiety then tiny home living may not be for you.


If you live in a big city then the reality of owning and living in a tiny home within city limits will be next to impossible due to zoning restrictions and a lack of suitable property in which to place one on. This means that you will have to decide if you want to continue commuting to the city for work, are able to work remotely, or have saved enough money to be able to live simply in the country on a property of your choosing. Deciding where to live can be a huge factor for those debating on this lifestyle. If you are a remote worker then the tiny home life can be perfect, especially if you like to travel around and still have a home base.

Could You Live The Tiny Home Life?

Family Connections

If you are considering tiny home living as a couple or a family then the experience of living in close quarters will bring you either much closer together or make small issues huge problems. Be sure that living in a smaller space will be beneficial to you as a unit, everyone still needs to have their own space either inside or outside and a high degree of respect needs to exist between everyone to avoid any major conflicts.

Tiny homes have created a solution to the growing trend of people wanting to live eco-friendly lives while still owning their own homes in an ever growing housing market. Make the right choice for yourself!