Juicing: 3 Reasons To Give It A Go

There are a lot of perceived health benefits associated with juicing such as that it helps your body more easily absorb vitamins and nutrients. And if you are one of those people that does not like to eat fruit or vegetables it is an excellent way to reintroduce them into your diet in a more palatable manner. But when juicing be aware that you should drink whatever you make when it is fresh because otherwise, it can grow some pesky bacteria which will do more harm than good. Here are three health benefits of juicing.

Get All The Veggies and Fruits You Need For The Day

If you are familiar with the food pyramid then you know we are all supposed to be getting a certain amount of servings of fruits and vegetables which a lot of us are not. Did you know you are supposed to have six to eight servings a day? That is A LOT unless you are eating a raw or vegan diet. Juicing can actually provide you with all the servings you need in one glass. You cannot actually digest the skin on the outside of fruits and vegetables and while it is a source of fiber it does not have the nutrients you need for gut health. Juicing simply leaves all of the nutrients you need in the glass and eliminates anything you don’t.

Better Absorption

Leading a healthy life and eating foods that are good for your body is a full-time job. Juicing can make things just a little bit easier for your body by sucking all of the important parts out of the fruits and vegetables which could be akin to ‘predigestion.’ There are enzymes and micronutrients that can be quite difficult for our bodies to absorb but juicing introduces them to your digestive system as soon as it hits your stomach meaning you will be feeling healthier than ever.

Boost Your Immune System

A weak immune system means you may be prone to colds and other common illnesses which can keep you feeling poorly for more days then you would like in a month. That intake of green juice, wheatgrass or any other yummy ingredients you decide to put in your juice can help you stave off illness. You will notice that you feel more energized, your hair and skin will be healthier, and your general health will improve. So, if you have been looking for something to improve your diet with consider adding juicing to it.