Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is here and choosing that perfect last-minute gift that embodies your father and the activities he likes can be really hard to find. If they enjoy barbecuing you can get them a novelty apron or if they are really athletic you can choose some high end athleisure wear but if you want to surprise your dad with something a little bit less mainstream then check out these three items sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face on their special day.

Demerbox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is for the rough and tumble dad who enjoys grilling in the back yard or lounging on the beach. The reason this speaker stands out is because it is essentially smash proof. Your dad can lock his valuables inside, chuck this in the trunk of the car and then accidentally drop it into the lake and the speaker will keep working. If your dad is prone to accidents but still wants a good speaker to listen to some classic rock from then this is the gift for him.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Cooling Pint Glasses

A good craft beer is all some dad’s and mom’s want at the end of a long day but nobody enjoys drinking a warm beer. Once a beer hits room temperature and tastes like warm bath water that has had a bath bomb go off in it most dads, and if their children are old enough, will also exchange that warm brew for a cold one. These glasses make sure that that never happens. They control the temperature of the pint to make sure that it stays nice and cool. This is good for the dad who does not want to waste a drop but also doesn’t want to drink warm beer.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gillette Heated Razor

For the dad that takes a lot of care with his appearance, he might enjoy this fancy heated razor. Barber shops offer something called a hot shave where a barber steams a man’s face with hot towels, slathers up his face and neck with shaving cream, and then gives him a clean shave. This razor is designed to offer a comparable experience from the comfort of one’s own home. It heats up and if your dad uses a hot towel he can give himself the same relaxing experience or you can help.

If you’re still at a loss as to what to get your dad sometimes the best gift is simply sharing an experience like coffee or a picnic lunch!