The Cutest Beach Bag Trends

Finding the perfect beach bag which is both functional and stylish can take a lot of time. You need to pour over magazines, Instagram accounts, and still not find what you are looking for. These five trends seem to be the ones of summer 2019. Use these to help guide you through your shopping woes, there are no boring canvas tote bags in sight!

The Geometric

The small version of these was made popular once people began to photograph the circular straw purses that they picked up in Bali, Indonesia which has markets flooded with them. Now a bigger version is being seen all over the beaches of the world. You can easily fit a beach towel, book and your phone inside. Plus, the light color means that the sun won’t be burning a hole in it which will keep any electronics you have from frying.

The Cutest Beach Bag Trends

The See-Through

Clear plastic bags are nothing new. They were popular in the 70s and now they have made a comeback with a vengeance. From beach bags to fanny packs every bag is now showing up in clear plastic. This is a good bag to bring to a hotel pool but it is not one you will want to leave unattended as EVERYONE can see what is inside.

The Cutest Beach Bag Trends

The Beaded

Bags made out of attached wooden beads have been popular, as well as their plastic beaded counterparts. They are a nice addition to a summer dress for a bit of added flair. Bags that come in black and white or plain wood beads seem to be the ‘in’ choice for fashionistas. This is what we call the ‘noisy’ bag, as the beads can rattle together a bit. Expect to make an entrance with one of these.

The Neon

Neon bikinis have been in style for a long time and now beach bags are following this trend. Bright oranges, greens, and pinks have been dominating the Insta-fashion circuit. It will be impossible to miss your bag on the beach if it is glowing and that’s a huge bonus in our book.

The Net

Remember those old netted bags that people would place their groceries in? Well, those are now a beach bag trend. You can rummage through your parent’s old stuff and probably find one of these bad boys. But, if you want to make it ‘fashion’ you can purchase one in a fun color like pink or blue. Just be careful you don’t put anything small inside that could fall out of one of the many holes.