Chernobyl: Everything fans need to know after watching the series

Chernobyl: Everything fans need to know after watching the series

The world has been shook to the core many times throughout history. However, Chernobyl was an accident like no other and is thought to have taken the lives of thousands of people. However, the extent of the pain and suffering was not widely broadcast at the time, and it took the world a long time to really come to terms with what happened. The HBO show ‘Chernobyl’ caught the attention of millions of people around the world, who were interested to know about the events that unfolded on April 26, 1986.

Of course, the show can’t depict everything accurately, word-for-word, moment-to-moment, and shows viewers in its dramatized way, what happened. However, since watching the show, people have had their own questions about the events that occurred at Chernobyl, and what’s happened since. The show highlighted some of the scientific facts behind radiation, which has also raised questions about the site as it stands today as well as filling in some of the gaps the show struggled to bridge. Here are some of the questions we’ve been left with since watching Chernobyl.

How many victims did the explosion claim?

The explosion itself claimed the lives of two people who were in the direct way of the reaction. These people did not survive and likely passed away instantly. However, there were at least twenty-nine other lives who were subjected to the severe radiation that followed.

Workers were not made aware that the safety test was going ahead, so they had no idea that anything could go wrong when disaster struck. This proved fatal to the workers in the nuclear power station.