This 90-year-old grandma proves age is just a number

This 90-year-old grandma proves age is just a number

The world is a pretty awesome place, and it seems as though it keeps getting more and more awesome as the years go by. Barriers are being broken, times are changing, and the human race is opening up their eyes to the fact that some people just don’t follow the norm – and that’s okay! After all, we love a bit of eccentricity. Although it seems as though we’re constantly moving with the times, many people still have preconceptions when it comes to the elderly. They believe that those who are retired and slightly wrinkled lose their cool as they get older, and they believe that the elderly should stick to what they know.

There are no rules to follow in life, so why should those who are a bit older follow the so-called rules of society? Just because their body is older doesn’t mean that their mind is, and one Instagram grandma is proving that to be the case. Over the course of her Instagram career, she has shown the world that age really is just a number.

Age is just a number

Let’s be honest; age really is just a number. Last year you were a smaller number, next year you will be a bigger number, but that number doesn’t really mean a lot.

We live in a world where you can be anyone you want to be, so why should you act to your age? One grandma is proving that age means nothing because she’s the coolest cat on the block.