Stepdad pulled funds from stepdaughters wedding after her biological father was invited

Stepdad pulled funds from stepdaughters wedding after her biological father was invited

A wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of a person’s life if they are getting married. Everyone hopes that it will be a happy time, and their guests will simply want to share in the happy occasion. But for anyone who has planned or been involved with the wedding, then you will know that it can be a trying time for some parties. There are the inevitable hiccups such as a wedding venue already being booked or someone who has very strict dietary needs that need to be met. However, there is one part of the planning that truly takes some finesse and that is the guest list.

Deciding who to invite and where to seat them can be a true work of art, as not everyone gets on with everyone else. In this story though, we have a wedding party with a step-dad and a biological father who was not very present in his daughter’s life. When it came time to decide who should be invited, the stepdad who had raised his stepdaughter for the last decade did not want her biological father present for the big event. Obviously, this led to some major turmoil for the daughter who felt pulled in two directions and wanted the men who had played an important part of her life both there for the big event.

A Reddit User

This story first came to light when it was a thread on Reddit, and the stepdad began detailing what exactly the situation was in regards to his stepdaughter’s upcoming nuptials. The thread began in a positive light, with the stepdad announcing the wedding and how he became involved with his stepdaughter and her mother ten years prior.

The bride’s mother was not married to the stepdad but they had been together for 10 years so he felt he had a paternal role at this point.