Man finds stray cat while biking around the world and takes it on his travels

Man finds stray cat while biking around the world and takes it on his travels

Love can come from all sorts of unexpected places and it would seem that fate can sometimes play a hand in the form it takes. For one man hailing from Scotland, he found his travel companion on a fateful bike ride from Croatia to Bosnia. As he peddled along he came upon a stray kitten who was a bit worse for the wear. Not knowing what to do, Dean Nicholson, picked up his new sidekick and continued on his way with the kitten in tow. Little did he know that this kitten would grow into his globe-trotting travel companion.

It all started the day he decided to give up welding and pursue his dream of seeing the world, all from the back of a bicycle. He knew it would be quite the undertaking as a solo adventure but he was ready. When he met this little tabby he knew that it was going to be a solo mission no more. She quickly brought a feistiness and thrill for the open road which made Dean feel like he was meant to find her.

Never Again

Traveling alone can be liberating. Dean enjoyed biking around his community in Scotland as he prepared for his world trip. He never imagined that he would have a companion for most of it or that it would be a rather furry one.

He had led a pretty solitary life until he found himself staring down at a dirty little tabby kitten. He knew that she would not last very long out on her own as her mother was nowhere in sight. So he scooped her up and brought her along.