Employees tell all the secrets about celeb behavior behind closed doors

Employees tell all the secrets about celeb behavior behind closed doors

When you scroll through social media and take a look at the lives of the rich and famous, it’s easy to believe that they’re perfect. After all, there’s no doubt about the fact that Beyoncé is the coolest cat around and that we want to be besties for the resties with Jim Carrey. However, appearances can often be deceiving, and it’s important to remember that you can’t always trust what’s on the internet. Nev and Max should have taught you that much with their trusty handheld cameras and their internet sleuthing skills. But we can’t get “Catfished” by celebrities, right? Well, think again.

Much of what we see on the internet has been carefully planned out by celebs’ agents, PR teams, and assistants, and sometimes they aren’t even the ones pressing the upload button! Because of this, we only see a small portion of what these people are like. In reality, the only people who get the real low-down on these celebs are those who get the pleasure – or displeasure – of working for them. These employees have now dished the dirt on what these celebrities are REALLY like, and some of these home truths might surprise you.

Britney Spears hides her leftovers

Let’s be honest; we love food as much as the next guy. Although we’d love to say that we only eat fruit and vegetables and nothing more, our moms always told us not to lie. So, we’re not going to. It seems as though Britney also follows a similar diet to us, and loves nothing more than sinking her teeth into a juicy burger from her favorite fast food joint.

Yet, it seems as though Britney doesn’t really like throwing her leftovers away, because her housekeeper has come forward with some rather bizarre information. When cleaning Britney’s abode, the cleaners have often come across half-eaten burgers hidden within her sheets, cookies in her couch, and even a whole load of fries under her mattress. Saving them for later, Brit?