This customer wanted a custom desk in a week but the carpenter soon taught him a lesson

A true craftsman

Working self-employed as a tradesman relies heavily on the income of clients. Having a big influx of customer orders can be great for the wallet, but there’s only so much one single man can complete.

A private carpenter named Abs Del Fuego is a tradesman that knows all too well about the pressures and deadlines of custom-built inquiries. He is a well-established carpenter, with fantastic woodwork skills that mean he is a very successful man in the work that he does.

However, one day while hard at work, he received a text from an incoming client requesting a custom-built desk to be completed much sooner than Abs could do. With a busy week and a tight schedule, Abs responded in the politest way possible, explaining this simply wasn’t possible.

The conversation that then continued turned into a whole fiasco showing just how ignorant and rude customers can sometimes be. This certain client proves that customers certainly aren’t always right. Abs deserves an award for keeping so professional… Just about!

A true craftsman

An excellent worker in his carpentry craft, Abs specializes in building custom-built arcade games and other gaming furniture. He’s undoubtedly exceeding in his trade, putting in massive effort with every order that comes in and using the time carefully to make sure every build is perfect.

Doing what he does takes a lot of time and energy, and most customers appreciate the hard work that comes with his type of carpentry. Now and again you will get the odd client that becomes way too demanding, but Abs was always fully prepared for when this might happen.