Books Of The Week: Roundup

As usual, we are back with our weekly roundup of books released this week. Some big-name authors and philanthropists released some fiction and non-fiction that is sure to interest you. From Ian McEwan, we have a science fiction novel that embarks into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Melinda Gates, whose husband is Bill Gates gives us a non-fiction book on the importance of empowering women. And in the world of YA, we have a new book from Katrina Leno in which a teenager manages to write a world into existence.

Books Of The Week: Roundup

Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

Moving away from his tragic war romances like Atonement McEwan enters the world of science fiction in the age of Artificial Intelligence. This is not the new age tech that you may be imagining but that found in the 1980s with the creation of the first robots named Adam and Eve. The story centers around Charlie who is in love with his neighbor Miranda, and his robot Adam. Each character has a role to play, with the main theme being the human heart and how it is understood by machine and human alike. This is a fantastic rumination on what it is that truly makes or does not make, one human.

The Moment Of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes The World by Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates has long been involved with a variety of philanthropic pursuits which has given her an eye-opening experience into what makes society progress. Each and every time the answer comes back to one thing: women. When women are given the tools needed to participate in their societal structure and shape it, things change at a rapid pace. This book covers a wide range of topics that focus on issues related to women and the inequity felt in so many parts of life. By lifting women up, she believes that the world will see a change.

Books Of The Week: Roundup

You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno

This novel may seem like your typical high school drama with hints of 13 Reasons Why but it takes on a fantastical edge which sets it apart. Bullied and mistreated at school, Magpie creates a world called Near which is her version of Utopia. Oddly, it takes shape and comes to life in her backyard. She can do whatever she wants there, including getting revenge for past wrongs but what if what happens there begins to happen in the real world? Give it a read and find out!