Books Of The Week

As usual, we are back with our books of the week roundup just for you. We have a lot of fiction that caught our eye this week. Some dystopian and very much in line with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and some beachy reads as the weather continues to warm up for those summer months. Here are the books you should be reading this week or at the very least this month!

The Farm by Joanne Ramos

Who doesn’t like the idea of a nine-month vacation at a beautiful spa resort set in New York’s Hudson Valley, especially if it is free? What you quickly find out as you read this dystopian novel is that nothing is free and everything has a cost, sometimes quite a steep one. Jane decides that she would like to live a life without worry at this resort for this time period, however, there is a catch. The nine months are in place because you are expected to produce a healthy baby at the end of it for the parents who are bankrolling the “Farm.” With most of the mothers being immigrants and in desperate want of the so-called good life, this book takes a look at how social class is still very much present within America and how it aligns with the American dream immigrants hope to find.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

Famous for her book The Kiss Quotient which dealt with a woman who had autism and her road to love this new novel flips that and provides the reader with a man named Khai Diep who is autistic. He believes that he is incapable of feeling love which is obviously a presumption that is turned on its head when he encounters Esme Tran. She has been chosen by his mother as the perfect wife but can Esme finally make him feel what he believes he lacks? Read to find out!

Books Of The Week

Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews

Andrews has been writing chick lit for a decade now and she continues to come out with a page-turner on an almost annual basis. Her latest offers a storyline you may have come across before but with a twist of course. Drue Campbell is not exactly living her best life but with her mother’s death, the inheritance of a beach cottage, the return of her father married to her old friend, and a murder mystery this novel ticks all the boxes.