Photo of couples wedding lead them to receive help from a stranger

It is quite amazing what a photo dispersed on social media can do. In addition to garnering a lot of comments and likes from others on the platform, it can have the power to change fates. This very situation happened to LaQuint and Janae Rhodes, who’s wedding day photo began a knock on effect. The couple was extremely excited to finally tie the knot, so when the wedding day arrived everything went off without a hitch; people arrived, the ceremony started, but before the day could end perfectly, a photo began to circulate, and it would go on to change the couple’s lives. It is hard to imagine the kind of effect an image would have on people, but it happens more often than you might think – the photos we post on social media are there for life, but more importantly the photos other people take, are theirs to do with what they will and their intentions are not always pure. This couple learned that fact more than most people.

Making it official

LaQuint and Janae Rhodes are a couple from Detroit who have lived in the city for the entirety of their lives. As the story goes, the couple met, fell in love, had children and decided to get married when they were ready to do so. They wanted to share their special day with their loved ones.

They wanted to get married in the city that bore and raised them. This adorable family wanted nothing more than the day to be filled with love, family and friends.