Little-known facts about American Pickers

Reality shows have flooded the television sphere over the last couple of decades. American Pickers is one of the better ones out there, with a true element of reality thanks to the unscripted way the main men of the show go about their lives. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are the “treasure hunters” of the show, going around the country in search of unique finds for their business, Antique Archeology. The two call themselves pickers as they live off of the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. They go to people’s homes and scour sales; the way they work is if they can see a profit on something then they will buy it. However, just like all other reality television shows, there is a lot of behind the scenes moments that we do not get to see and are sometimes more dramatic and eventful than the show itself. Those working on the show have decided to spill the beans about what happens when the cameras are turned away, which is when the real sparks fly.

Unfair prices

The truth behind the picking and reselling business is that it is not always a fair one. There are a few places in the digital forum space that have said that the real negotiation of prices for items is different on camera than off.

There are those who said that they were told that the guys would pay one price for something only to have the cameras start rolling and the price change drastically in order to get a higher profit.