Harvard Law student pushes through boundaries and graduates

Education is designed to provide an even footing for those that decide or are able to pursue it, especially higher education at esteemed Ivy League universities like Harvard. It is an uphill battle for most students. You have to study constantly, volunteer in your community, maybe learn another language, and basically just excel overall to even entertain getting accepted. Some students find it simply too daunting and decide that they do not have the stamina to achieve their goals. Even once you have been accepted to your institution of choice, it is no easy feat to complete all the required coursework, and on top of that pay some staggering tuition fees. For some students, they also have to deal with personal issues within their families or communities that make the road to graduation that much harder. However, if you can rise against the challenges presented you can achieve anything you set your mind to, which one young student did. The trick to overcoming any obstacle is perseverance and the will to succeed, which is exactly what this young woman did.

Growing Up

Briana Williams was a young woman born in the state of Georgia to a large family. She had a grand total of five brothers and sisters, which made things a bit tight money wise in her household. Her parents did their best to provide their children with the essentials but as neither one of them was college educated.

It was hard for them to get some better-paying jobs. But the two worked hard and got by with what they had.