Football star creates a safe community for fellow students

High school is a tough time for all teenagers. You have to learn where you fit in on the social hierarchy, and wonder if you are part of the popular crowd? Or are you part of the theater group? Everybody learns where they stand socially, which makes it that much harder to break the confines of it. It is also a time where peer pressure comes in to play regarding certain activities, and when one does not want to conform bullying can occur. Simply put, high school can be the best of times or the worst of times. That is why a certain student at a high school in Keller, Texas stood out so much. Max Akin was one of the prominent members on the football team which automatically launched him to the forefront of the so-called “popular crowd”. But instead of acting like your typical movie, high school jock, he actually took on a much more admirable role that brought a sense of inclusion rather than seclusion to his school and his team. All it took was one fateful friendship.

Football Star

Max Akin was like any other high school football player. He hit the field and gave each and every game his all. But there was something that set him apart from the field. At his high school, Fossil Ridge, he decided to use his role as a well-known footballer to draw attention away from himself and give it to others.

He spent the majority of his time cheering on other students in whatever pursuits they were excelling at.