Dallas library helps teens by offering to pay for their prom dresses

In the United States, prom night is the culmination of many hard years of study and the celebration before the next chapter of a young teenager’s life. This is supposed to be a magical time and the planning that goes into prom takes months. The prom committee usually selects a theme like “Starry Night” and once the theme has been selected then prom goers are tasked with finding the dress or suit of their dreams for the evening. This can be a costly time. Prom dresses are not cheap, and everyone wants to look their best. But not everyone is in a position to afford a new dress that will only be worn for a single evening. There are some alternatives such as borrowing a previously worn dress from a family member, finding one in a consignment shop, or even renting one from an evening dress rental shop but these still cost money. And on top of that, there is the cost of makeup, fancy updos, and shoes. An institution well known for its lending policy in Dallas, Texas decided to tackle the issue of some teens being unable to afford their dream dress. The Dallas Public Library decided to address this in a very special way.

The Fairy Tale Closet

Libraries are traditionally where you go to borrow books, magazines, and in some cases computers. The Dallas Public Library administration realized that there was one more area that they could lend a helping hand – prom dresses.

They dubbed the program the Fairy Tale Closet. It was designed for teens who could not afford to purchase a prom dress, but they still wanted them to be able to experience the prom while looking and feeling their best.