WWII Relic Found At The Bottom of Lake Michigan

Bodies of water such as lakes and oceans often have many unexpected things hidden in their depths. Some hold shipwrecks full of lost treasure, or magical sunken cities and the best part is that each of these lost items tells a very unique story. One such object was found at the bottom of Lake Michigan which told a tale from World War II. A salvage company had been surveying in Lake Michigan in the hopes of finding some wrecks that they could take apart and sell as scrap metal. They had been using sonar to determine if anything worth checking out was in the area when something popped up on the screen – an aircraft from WWII. The divers who found the skeleton of the plane were very confused as to why this ended up in Lake Michigan. It would take some historical digging to find out exactly what happened. Since the salvagers wanted to make sense of their find and were unsure of whether it had some historical significance or was simple scrap metal, they decided to do some digging into the archives. And it is a good thing they did.

A Step Back In Time

In order to understand why this fighter plane was at the bottom of the lake, it is important to look at the catalyst that forced the United States to finally enter WWII in an official capacity. Prior to 1941, the U.S. had not officially declared war on Japan and Germany.

The unanticipated bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii at the end of 1941 by Japanese forces is what finally drove them to join the war effort.