Woman Makes Big Change And Sheds 420 Pounds

There are many different things people have to deal with in their life and for Amver Rachdi, it was her weight. The first steps to resolve any type of problem is to face facts, and without doing that, you aren’t able to make the right choices or changes. Another huge factor is ensuring that you have people around you that support you and are willing to stand by, even through the bad times. Ultimately if it is something a person really wants, others around you will help you get there. When Amber decided to face her journey of weight loss, she had a long and grueling road ahead, that would take time, perseverance and determination. The task would not only focus on weight loss, but would also require work on the mind, and an understanding into certain thought processes. As well as medical help from a doctor, therapists and well-being coaches would make a significant difference to her journey, which would then, in turn, enable her to help and inspire others across the world.

Growing Up

Growing up in a small neighborhood, it is easy to get to know everyone and become friends with them and for Amber Rachdi, it was no different. Living in Troutdale, Oregan, people easily noticed her however, despite her sweet soul, many couldn’t help but make certain comments.

Now that the media had heard about her situation, they also began to make her life their business and as the attention flooded in, Amber decided she wanted to do something to change it.

Making A Change

At the age of 24, Amber weighed 657 pounds and she had now got to a point in her life where she was actually struggling to move or get around the neighborhood with ease. More or less, Amber was currently housebound and after a long time thinking about things, she finally decided that enough was enough and she was ready to make a huge change in her life.

We are lucky to be able to have access to experts who can help with such things and thanks to the show, My 600-lb life, Amber was able to get the support she needed to enable her to make this change.

Pushing Through

When she was growing up, doctors had warned Amber that her size may well affect her health as she got older, and indeed the severity of the situation came to light when a specialist explained to her that if she does not make urgent changes, that there is a possibility that she could lose her life before the age of 30.

The difficult thing for her was because she was in a position where the movement was hard, to even start the transition would be very difficult. At this point though, this was essential, and something she could no longer avoid.

One Big Journey

When anyone makes a big change in their lives, it is important that they are surrounded by support and have people around them that will raise them up and push them through. For Amber, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own, and that’s when the help of the show came to light.

The journey would be long and hard but one that resulted in an enormous 420-pound weight loss, that led to a much better life for Amber. Speaking openly, she said that everything she had to do was far from easy, and although she knew it was going to be hard, it was actually 10 times harder than what she ever could have thought. But she did it!

Couldn’t Join In

Amber openly admitted that her relationship with food had been a confusing one ever since she was a child, and at just five years old, she weighed in at 160 pounds. This is a shocking figure considering most children at that age are usually 120 pounds lighter. Speaking about her experience at school, Amber commented that a lot of her weight gain was on her legs, which made it hard for her to join in with the other children as they ran around the school yard at break time.

For her, she faced the feeling of never being full from the food that she was eating, and was always left unsatisfied.

Downward Spiral

A spiral began to happen to Amber, as she became conscious about her body, anxiety developed which led her to comfort eat, she was now in a vicious cycle that she desperately wanted to get out of.

As she grew up and continued to eat in an excessive way, her mobility reduced and even if she wanted to exercise, it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do, due to the amount of weight on the lower half of her body.

Got To Do It

One thing that Amber felt as if she couldn’t understand correctly was portion control, and it was during the show that this came to light. Rather than the recommended three meals a day, Amber was eating around five, whilst snacking in between, on desserts and savory items. Her anxiety was the most intense it had ever been and to help it, the only way that worked for Amber was to eat, and so she did.

There were many psychological reasons that linked to the overeating and it was time someone helped her to understand them. Change was coming.

Getting On That Plane

If anyone could help Amber, it was going to be Dr. Nowzaradan, who was the number one expert when it came to this kind of medical matter. As her appointment was now booked, the problem was that she needed to fly to Houston, from Oregon and she already knew her size would be a problem.

By this time, her weight was insanely out of control, and Amber was only able to fly, if she was allowed to occupy three seats and it was matters like this, that only made her anxiety worse.

Relationship Factors

In the midst of everything, Amber had fallen in love with a guy named Rowdy. For him, admittedly, he had always preferred a larger woman and since their relationship began, Amber had gained a further 200 pounds! During her interview with the doctor, Rowdy confessed that he made not have helped the situation.

But that he was now prepared to acknowledge it and help Amber to make the changes needed, for her as well as the sake of their relationship.

Time To Prove It

So it was time, Amber was about to go on the biggest journey of her life and changed the outcome of her destiny, with her willing partner and family by her side (after her parents flew into Texas for support). It would take a lot of hard work, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

It started with a three-month test, if Amber could lose some weight in that time, then that would prove to everyone, and herself, that she was serious. After sticking to her diet, and losing 17 pounds, she qualified for a gastric bypass.

Things Were Beginning To Improve

As well as her weight, Amber also needed to address the mental strains she was facing and so she began well-being classes as well as seeing a therapist. The classes taught her how to prepare healthy meals and say goodbye to “easy” takeouts. As part of the course, she began to introduce exercise into her life by going on walks.

Everything that Amber was doing seemed to really be working, and as her confidence grew, she decided to document her journey on social media.

End Of Year One

Amber was flying through her journey, now that she had the help she needed, from the experts, she was able to really dig in and make big changes. After losing an amazing 92 pounds, the water retention in her lower body had been reduced which enabled her to be able to join the gym.

The gastric band had worked wonders and as the year anniversary of her journey beckoned, her weight loss had added up to an incredible amount.

Going For The Goal

Standing on the scales, Amber had lost 267 pounds and as you can imagine, she and everyone around her was ecstatic. With the doctor regularly monitoring Amber and her journey, he had some very good news for her that he hoped would keep her on this path.

If she could go on to lose another 140 pounds, she would be able to have skin removal surgery and it would be exercising that helped her reach this new goal.

Second Chance

The time came when Amber had amazingly lost 420 pounds, and she was more confident than she had ever been before. She had learned to manage her anxiety and felt like a new person. Amber had been giving a new life, and everything that she wasn’t able to do before, she would now do, and she had never felt more ready to do so.

Her relationship with her friends and family had blossomed, and for Amber, it was time to go back to school.

Helping Others

Amber’s social media channels grew, with thousands of people being inspired by her journey and how far she had come. Her relationship with Rowdy had ended, but she went on to fall in love and say the word “yes” to a new man in her life.

Amber now believes this is what her life purpose is to help people see that they can do anything they put their minds to and that she is there to help, every step of the way.

Growing Platform

Helping others, Amber now openly runs question and answer sessions on her platforms, covering all the different aspects she had to go through to make the changes she did.

More confident than ever before, she looks radiant and happy with her new life. Amber has been able to build a network of supportive people, all willing to help each other on their weight loss journey.