Woman Makes Big Change And Sheds 420 Pounds

There are many different things people have to deal with in their life and for Amver Rachdi, it was her weight. The first steps to resolve any type of problem is to face facts, and without doing that, you aren’t able to make the right choices or changes. Another huge factor is ensuring that you have people around you that support you and are willing to stand by, even through the bad times. Ultimately if it is something a person really wants, others around you will help you get there. When Amber decided to face her journey of weight loss, she had a long and grueling road ahead, that would take time, perseverance and determination. The task would not only focus on weight loss, but would also require work on the mind, and an understanding into certain thought processes. As well as medical help from a doctor, therapists and well-being coaches would make a significant difference to her journey, which would then, in turn, enable her to help and inspire others across the world.

Growing Up

Growing up in a small neighborhood, it is easy to get to know everyone and become friends with them and for Amber Rachdi, it was no different. Living in Troutdale, Oregan, people easily noticed her however, despite her sweet soul, many couldn’t help but make certain comments.

Now that the media had heard about her situation, they also began to make her life their business and as the attention flooded in, Amber decided she wanted to do something to change it.