How To Wear Coloured Mascara

If you love applying make-up in a way that will make your beautiful eyes POP, then you are going to love this march 2019 trend. Colour mascara is back in full force, so if you’ve been tired of using the same black mascara then it is time to celebrate. Opting for color, whether it be a dark blue or a bright lilac, this is a look that you can wear with heavy make-up, as well as a more natural look with a special twist.

If you are thinking Spice Girl electric blue, then don’t worry, 2019’s version is much more subtle but just as cool. If you are ready to tackle this new trend head-on, then we’ve got you covered.

The Purple Look

Diorshow offer this stunning dark purple Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara that will not only glide onto your eyelashes in a smooth and non-lumpy fashion, but it will add warmth to your face. If you want to wear it with a made-up eye, this color works perfectly against a bronze or burgundy eye shadow.

The Red Look

If you are already a fan of Clinique, then you’re probably a fan of their Black Honey lip range and it has just got even better. This gorgeous shade can now be added to your lashes with their Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara. Fluff up and accentuate your eye with this fab tone.

The Green Look

We just love this look and you’ll leave people green with envy when they see you wearing this. Make Up For Ever’s Smokey Lash Mascara is the perfect shade of green. This rich color goes with everything, so you don’t need to overthink how to wear it. Just do and go!