TV’s Greatest Hosts’ True Net Worth

Most of us have been watching television more or less all of our lives. Some of the very best pastimes with family have been watching television shows together and having that shared experience. Game shows, talk shows, and more have been at the top of viewers’ watch list since their inception. Many of us have been watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Ricki Lake, Saturday Night Live, and Oprah Winfrey for years upon years. It makes complete sense that the very people who we tune into seeing day in and day out make a lot of money doing what they do – host. We decided to put together the ultimate list of television’s greatest hosts’ and their allegedly, true net worth. While we knew that these people were making money, you may be astounded to discover just how much money they are earning. From big names like Oprah, Judge Judy, and Larry King, to former models turned hosts, the net worth of these hosts speak volumes to their worth within popular culture, as well as viewers’ hearts.

Steve Harvey: $100M

Steve Harvey, with that perfect mustache and the smile that can melt anyone’s heart, has hosted shows like Family Feud, Little Big Shots: Forever Young, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and his very own talk show. Steve has also been the hosting face of the Miss Universe Pageant, several comedy shows and has garnered himself six Daytime Emmy Awards.

It makes sense then that his net worth is set at $100 million and rising.