Tv shows that are likely coming to an end in 2019

It feels like there are more and more great TV shows to choose from these days, but is that a good thing? With so much competition in TV Land, any show that begins to underperform in the ratings is at risk of getting pulled from the air. That’s right, those shows that have sucked you in for a few seasons are now at risk of being canceled before they come to their natural conclusion.

While this isn’t something new, there are still a whole bunch of devoted TV show fans who don’t get to keep watching their favorites. This seems unfair as the original stories were great, but they seemed to lose their way over time. If you’re in the middle of watching a show at the moment, cross your fingers it hasn’t made this list. These are the TV shows that are likely coming to an end in 2019.

Single Parents

One characteristic many people can identify with is scrappiness, a trait the comedy show Single Parents has had to have from the beginning. Right from the start it was touch and go whether this show would make it past its pilot as the numbers were not that promising. Still, the show got produced, and it has a loyal group of fans supporting it and keeping it on the air for now.

The fans are loyal and tune in every week, but sometimes that isn’t enough, and the network is reportedly considering giving it the boot in favor of better viewing figures.