Students unlocked a decades-old time capsule and discovered letters inside

Time capsules are a wonderful way to relive the past, and get an insight into what life was like at a time. The staff and students at the University of Shenandoah were eager to see what the contents of the capsule would look like, and what interesting prizes from the past would be uncovered, when they discovered that it had been buried. In this way, these capsules that have frozen in time pieces from the past, give us access to be able to interact with what used to be, and an understanding of what life was like then and how the times have changed. In 2017 archeologists found a time capsule that went way back from 1777. It appeared to be a hollowed Jesus Christ statue, and it was discovered in Spain.


Some however, think of it as ‘useless junk’ but you can learn a lot from them. However, one historian argues that there isn’t much to learn and that they often, don’t contain useful or insightful information about the past or ‘the people that buried them’.

There is also a lot of skepticism about how they are buried. ‘The conditions they’re exposed to underground, coupled with their tendency to get lost, are the main reasons for this’.The University’s discovery occurred on October 11, 2018. The Historical Society’s Joe Meaney spoke to CBC News about what was found. “We knew there was something there,” he said. “But we didn’t know exactly what it was, how big it was, or anything of that nature.”